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Kikoy beach wraps, sarongs, for women and men

Kikoy beach towels, terry-cloth lined, absorbent

Traditional Maasai (Masai) Shuka blankets

Traditional South African Shweshwe fabric

African fabric picnic blankets, padded

Traditional African headscarves, headdress, Doeks

Kanga wraps, sarongs, Kanga fabrics

Traditional Mudcloth from Mali, beautiful as wall hangings

Maasai traditional bead necklaces & Bracelets

Traditional Maasai (Masai) bead earrings

TESTIMONIAL: Dear Lyn and Carol-Anne, I received the 190 Kikoy towels on Friday. I have only opened one box so far, and they are stunning! The quality is excellent and the variety of colours is outstanding. Thank you for your assistance with this order, I know that when our staff receive them we will be getting some rave reviews.
Britt Guedes, Marketing Co-Ordinator, CIB

Kikoy wraps (sarongs), Kikoy beach towels, Maasai Shuka blankets, African headdress (doeks), picnic blankets, Traditional Maasai bead jewellery and other gifts from Africa are waiting for you in our online SHOP

kikoy wraps, kikoy beach towels, maasai shuka blankets, doeks, maasai bead jewellery, mali mud cloth, shweshwe fabricFeel the presence of Africa no matter where in the world you are! If you are looking for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts or a gift for any special occasion, we can help. Our products are hand-made from traditional African fabrics. 

We have a beautiful range of Kikoy beach towels, traditional Kikoy wraps (Sarongs) for men and women as well as the popular traditional Maasai Shuka blankets.  Our Mud fabrics in earth colours make exquisite wall hangings. Colourful Kangas are beautiful traditional wraps for those sweltering summer days – we source them from various African countries.  We also stock items made from traditional Shweshwe fabrics.

Traditional Maasai bead jewellery is a popular fashion item – we have a selection for you and we are constantly adding to our selection. Take a look at the Maasai bead necklaces and bracelets as well as the colourful Maasai earrings. We are constantly updating our range of African headscarves (doeks, headdress). Take a look at some headscarf wrapping ideas: Style Ideas

Our Kikoys wraps/ sarongs are sourced from Tanzania and Kenya, the Masai Shukas are sourced from Tanzania and Kenya and our traditional Shweshwe fabrics come from the Eastern Cape in South Africa. More…

So many ways to wear a headscarf in South Africa

There are uncountable ways to wear a headscarf, or headdress, in South Africa. The headscarf can be wound, folded and swirled in a multitude of ways. To add to the unique look of each headdress, [...]

Traditional Headdress (doek) becoming a style statement

Headscarves, or doeks as they are commonly known in South Africa, have been worn as headdresses for years for cultural reasons. Doeks have also been worn as a fashion statement but they were worn traditionally [...]

What is the difference between Kikoy and Sarong?

We are often asked what the difference is between a kikoy and a sarong. The difference is that both are the name for a "wrap" but the names areĀ used differently in different countries. The name [...]

The Maasai

Maasai or Masai society is patriarchal, meaning men rule! Major matters concerning the group are decided on by elder men who are sometimes joined by retired elders. Most aspects of behaviour are covered by a [...]

Maasai Shukas can keep you warm too

In South Africa, we are in the depth of winter. With our infamous electricity supplier, Eskom, shocking us with power blackouts at the flick of a switch, I have taken to wrapping up snugly in [...]

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