Carol-Ann and Lyn have teamed up to bring you this online shop. We hope that the shopping experience will be a good one, and we appreciate any constructive feedback that could help make the online buying experience a pleasant experience!

Carol-Ann has been an entrepreneur working with fabrics for over 27 years and never fails to get excited over beautiful fabrics. She is a perfectionist, and this means no product slips through her hands unless it is up to her exacting standards.

Lyn Gunell

Lyn Gunell

Lyn’s forte is in developing websites and eCommerce websites, as well as web content writing. She has been designing and developing websites for the best part of 14 years and never tires of creating websites that will work for her clients. The combination of creativity and technical detail is an intricate part of website development, much like producing items from beautiful fabrics. A mutual love of African-made products, and a melding of skills brought Carol-Ann and Lyn together for this project.

The vibrancy of African design compels us to source exclusively from Africa. Our fabrics and our products are not mass produced so variations in colour can occur, but the quality is consistently high. Most of seamstresses are retrenched factory workers with a high work ethic. We are pleased that these talented women are now able to work from home as entrepreneurs, to be with their families, and to be able to earn an income from home.

We hope that our colourful items will bring joy to you and those for whom you buy gifts.