There are so many ways of styling a traditional South African headscarf (headdress or doek) that imagination is the only limit! Here are some examples; we will be adding more. Send in pictures of yourself so that we can add you to our portfolio.

Headscarf fashioned for a special occation

zama in traditional maasai shuka headscarf, doek

Zama showing a headscarf in red check Maasai Shuka fabric

african headscarf, doek, styling

A lovely headscarf, or headdress, made of a traditional African cotton fabric

andiswa in masai shuka headscarf

Andiswa, one of our many special clients, beautiful in a headscarf of Maasai Shuka

An exotic way to wear your headdress for a special evening

shuka headscarf

Vuyiwe wearing a vibrant red and blue headdress made of traditional Maasai shuka fabric

Helen in a headdress composed of two pink kikoy headscarves

headscarf, doek, pink & white kikoy

Helen wearing a headdress of two Kikoy headscarves, one in pink and one white

Blue and purple look regal on Helen. She used two headscarves to create this effect

Pink looks feminine on Helen – here she is wearing one headscarf made of pink Kikoy fabric

african headscarf, headdress, pink amd white kikoy

Another way of wrapping a kikoy fabric headscarf for a feminine look

doek, headdress, headscarf in blue peacock fabric

A headdress in a blue and purple peacock fabric for a more exotic look

headdress pink stripe kikoy

A simple everyday headscarf in striped Kikoy fabric

headscarf, doek in blue

Another simple though elegant way to wrap your headscarf, or doek

kikoy headdress, doek, headscarf

Isn’t it amazing how many ways you can wrap a headscarf? The strawberry pink Kikoy looks lovely.

doek wrapping

Another pink kikoy headscarf but, once again, wrapped differently