Kikoy wraps come in many colours, from candy pinks, sea blues and greens to warm orange, yellow and red. Choose a colour for all moods and a Kikoy for all occasions. Kikoy sarongs are comfortable enough to lounge in at home and beautiful enough to make you feel, well, sexy. Kikoys are also delightfully simply to wrap around yourself at a moment’s notice whether you are on the beach, at an exotic holiday destination or simply at home.

Maasai Shukas are perfect to snuggle in on a winter’s evening or use them as throws or tablecloths. Shweshwe and Khanga fabric can be turned into almost anything! Enjoy being creative or buy ready made products from our selection.

Mudcloth is ideal to use as exotic wall-hangings and the beautifully original Khoisan fabric, designed by the Khoisan themselves, is perfectly suited for home decor, especially cushions, curtains and bed throws or bedspreads.