What does “a picnic” conjure up for you? Warm sunny days, the calm droning of bumble bees… shade under a leafy tree, chilled Chardonnay? For others, the word picnic may be a reminder of action – tennis, perhaps or car racing where friends have gathered for a good time.

In Cape Town many of us associate picnics with Kirstenbosch Gardens and summer concerts or Christmas Carols. Being completely spoiled in the Cape Province, we also have access to numerous wine estates which generously allow people to picnic.

What would a picnic be without a comforting picnic blanket? A picnic blanket ties everything together. A picnic blanket keeps everyone clean. Our picnic blankets made of either Shuka fabric, Shweshwe fabric or even Khoisan printed fabric go even further with comfort. We have lined them to keep them clean and dry and some of our picnic blankets are even padded for extra comfort.

We have introduced a patchwork blanket for picnics to add some pizazz to your picnic. The patchwork blanket is a little more expensive than most of our other blankets because there is a lot of work that goes into patchwork but it will last a lifetime and be a reminder of many happy picnic days!