Headscarves, or doeks as they are commonly known in South Africa, have been worn as headdresses for years for cultural reasons. Doeks have also been worn as a fashion statement but they were worn traditionally by older, married women.

Doeks are now being embraced as a fashion statement by young, trendy, South African women. Doeks are not only being worn at ceremonies such as funerals and weddings, they are being worn as an everyday fashion accessory.

Our photo shows a beautiful young woman wearing a doek made out of a traditional Maasai Shuka “blanket”. The headdress can, however, be made out of any fabric and it can be fashioned in a multitude of ways. Doeks are a perfect foil to the “bad hair day” – it is easy to understand why it is becoming increasingly popular.

The doek is shedding its image of subservience, an image it gained during the apartheid era. African women are finding themselves once again and embracing the headscarf. Headscarves are being worn as a statement, to celebrate being African and to enjoy looking regal.